Certified Measurement & Verification Professional (CMVP)

The IPMVP (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol), developed by EVO (Efficiency Valuation Organization) is now widely recognised as the best practice approach to measurement and verification (M&V) for energy saving projects. IPMVP is extensively used and referenced globally, and is supported here in the UK by ESTA.

A behavioural change programme created by ESTA and EI that improves the way your organisation interacts with energy for a simple, structured approach that future-proofs organisations, creates the required skillsets and gathers evidence for a Net Zero world powered by people.

ESTA Accredited Member Training Courses

EnCO Training Modules

To educate, inspire and equip energy professionals worldwide to provide behaviour change services to enable companies to become Energy Conscious Organisations (EnCO).

Level 3: Energy Champion Coaching

Level 3 – Delegates will be guided to develop an Energy Action plan. The course tutor will work with the delegates to deliver their plan over the duration of the course providing advice and guidance based on extensive experience of delivering Action Plans in other organisations. Progress will be monitored and reporting procedures developed.

Energy & Sustainability Everyday Champions Course

On the job training to create everyday champions and develop the attitudes, skills, knowledge and performance that energy and sustainability champions and significant energy users need to deliver effective continual improvement and leadership.

ESTA Training Accreditation
Accreditation is awarded by ESTA based on three key factors: content, quality and delivery of the programme.

Unlike other schemes, however, it is not only energy experts who judge the value of the training.  Third party references are obtained from programme delegates to provide evidence of the 3 key factors and this referencing exercise is repeated following every training programme delivered to provide assurance of on-going training quality.

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