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Latest Case Studies

Airport Critical Services switch room load metering checks

They asked a simple question: could the existing airport sub-electricity meters be relied upon before a new multi-million pound investment in high-energy demand high-tech aircraft loading baggage system could be specified by the design team

Lotus cars saves £3,500pa. on lighting costs

As part of wide-ranging sustainability strategy, Lotus Cars has installed energy efficient, long life Brilliance light fittings from Chalmor at its warehouse and storage areas in Hethel, Norfolk.

Milk Processing Facility saves 50% energy cost using Chalmor’s Endurance lighting

Energy efficiency and overall cost of ownership were key considerations in the design of a new £68m production site in Somerset for Robert Wiseman Dairies. Consequently, consulting engineers AE Robb & Associates specified Chalmor’s long life, energy efficient Endurance fittings for lighting in the CIP (Cleaning In Production) room.

Energy Saving Lighting at Shipbuilding Facilities

Lighting at shipbuilding facilities in Hampshire has been greatly improved by the installation of long-life, energy efficient Brilliance fittings from Chalmor. Energy and maintenance savings achieved are expected to provide a payback of a little over a year.