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The MeshGrid Ecosystem: Short-Circuiting the Century-Old Power Industry

More recently, the proliferation of renewables and other distributed energy resources (DERs) has begun to test many of the long-standing assumptions underpinning this business model and is driving innovation as prosumers (producing-consumers) seek to monetize the flexibility of their DERs using bi-directional power flows.

PA-Energy launches new water services unit

PA-Energy of London is pleased to announce its formal launch today of it’s water services unit. PA-Energy, which has been providing utility services to the Industrial and Commercial (I&C) market since 2003, launched it’s water unit to provide tailored solutions to large water users.

How housing managers can improve heat network efficiency

Older heat networks may lag behind newer systems when it comes to efficiency, but there are some simple steps that housing managers can take to improve operation and reliability, says Steve Coates, Head of Heat Networks for Switch2 Energy.

Highly Commended Award for E2 Services

E2 Services are delighted to pick up the Highly Commended Award in the Energy Consultancy Category at The West Midlands Energy Efficiency Awards.

Final Circuit Monitoring from ABB

The latest metering technology ABB’s CMS (circuit monitoring system) can now be integrated into ABB Protecta Plus distribution boards, as well as retrofitted into other manufacturers distribution equipment.

Consultus: introducing a new name and brand

Delivering more for clients: wherever they are, whatever they need. The Energy Brokers, The Waterbuyers, Consultus Worldwide and PEMXQ have come together under a single brand: The Consultus International Group Limited or Consultus for short