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ENGIE signs long-term PPA with Moray Offshore Windfarm East

ENGIE has signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Moray Offshore Windfarm (East) Ltd to purchase 23.3% of the electricity generated from the 950MW windfarm. The PPA is for a 15-year period, starting from commercial operation of the windfarm which is scheduled to commence in 2022.

Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR)

Legislation introducing the SECR has now been approved in the Houses of Parliament, the Companies (Directors’ Report) and Limited Liability Partnerships (Energy and Carbon Report) Regulations 2018. SECR will act as the new instrument for businesses to collect, measure and report on carbon compliance.

Elcomponent – Lunch and Learn Intro

As a main contributor to the ESTA aM&T Guide, Elcomponent can provide additional support and information regarding Sub Metering systems.