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What is the Energy Auditing Scheme?

The Energy Efficiency Directive 2012 (EED 2012) established a set of binding measures to help the EU reach its 20% energy efficiency target by 2020. Under the Directive, all EU countries are required to use energy more efficiently at all stages of the energy chain, from production to final consumption. EED 2012 was transposed into Irish Law under Statutory Instrument 426 of 2014 (SI 426).

A Historic Period of Change for Energy Production and Usage: An Engineering Opportunity

Ireland is on the cusp of immense change. Recent discussions pondering how we might contribute to the global challenge of meeting the COP21 targets are now resulting in actions and plans which will impact us for generations to come. Political upheaval in our nearest neighbour has created a feeling of uncertainty and capital investment decisions have responded in kind.

The MeshGrid Ecosystem: Short-Circuiting the Century-Old Power Industry

More recently, the proliferation of renewables and other distributed energy resources (DERs) has begun to test many of the long-standing assumptions underpinning this business model and is driving innovation as prosumers (producing-consumers) seek to monetize the flexibility of their DERs using bi-directional power flows.

PA-Energy launches new water services unit

PA-Energy of London is pleased to announce its formal launch today of it’s water services unit. PA-Energy, which has been providing utility services to the Industrial and Commercial (I&C) market since 2003, launched it’s water unit to provide tailored solutions to large water users.